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Aero-Formatech® is a company that relies on experienced instructors known for the quality of their professional cabin safety training skills. Since its foundation in 1992, Aero-Formatech® has been offering custom crew member training programs to Canadian and international pilots, flight attendants, instructors, technicians, ground personnel, managers and inspectors. The company uses training materials and products that are environmentally friendly.

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The Canadian aviation regulations require that all crew members of airline companies be assigned duties to perform in any emergency situation or evacuation. Training participants will be shown that the performance of techniques learned adequately addresses any emergency situation that may be reasonably anticipated.

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I have yearned for training in 'reality' and your team has taken us there. In short, An amazing and life changing learning experience. 

Do you knowhow a fire extinguisher works? Of course you do, pull the pin and squeeze right? Can you say with authority "bend down, stay down, breathe throughyour clothing, everything in under control" all while excitedly looking for the danger? Sure you can as you sit in class or think about it while inflight. 

It all sounds really easy until reality approaches you and puts you in a situationthat you may not 'think' your way out of. This training lets u see how YOU will react. Are you going to take charge, will you adapt, can you think clearly and be victorious? Perhaps yes, or most likely you have never played in reality with fire and this is the first time. Try it out and see how you do.The lessons you learn will save your life you will keep them forever. Worst case they only improve who you are!

This training gives you a look into yourself and your abilities. It is immeasurable in its benefits. You have been set before a tough situation and now know how you will do and what to do. The simulator puts you in 'harm’s way' with the pressure of peers watching and actual smoke and fire that need to be dealt with. All problems are easier to deal with after you've seen them and recognize your mistakes and successes. You will see it all with Aero-Formatech,your best 'lead in' defense against a future problem is actual experience. This training takes you there. 

I cannot say enough about the training offered and highly recommend it to all flight departments. You will love it. Their aircraft fire simulator and practical fire/smoke experiences are life saving." The water evacuation training is another full story, far exceeded my expectations and was extremely well done.

Thanksagain for the great experience! 

Robert Gordon
Chartright Air Group
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