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Our programs

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Aero-Formatech® is a company that relies on experienced instructors known for the quality of their professional cabin safety training skills. Since its foundation in 1992, Aero-Formatech® has been offering custom crew member training programs to Canadian and international pilots, flight attendants, instructors, technicians, ground personnel, managers and inspectors. The company uses training materials and products that are environmentally friendly.

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The Canadian aviation regulations require that all crew members of airline companies be assigned duties to perform in any emergency situation or evacuation. Training participants will be shown that the performance of techniques learned adequately addresses any emergency situation that may be reasonably anticipated.

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Our programs


Firefighting Program (approx. 1.5h theoretical and 1.5h practical)


This two-part training program includes an on-line e-Learning or (optional in-class) theoretical session and a practical live Firefighting training in one of our unique MOBILE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FIREFIGHTING SIMULATORS based in Vancouver,BC – Calgary,AB – Toronto,ON – Montréal,QC – Wichita,KS. Trainees will learn emergency Firefighting techniques in a number of confined areas tosimulate a real emergency crisis in accordance with Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Joint Aviation Authority (JAA-TO), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Belgium Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations currently in effect.
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By means of a lecture and a class workshop, trainees will learn emergency firefighting techniques in accordance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), Civil aviation administration of China (CAAC), Federak Aviation Administration (FAA) and Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) regulations currently in effect.

During the learning process, all participants are involved in each practical scenario. This unique approach helps develop necessary reflexes in case of an emergency on board.

As an environmentally sensitive company, we only use non-polluting products, such as:

  • Fire: CGA propane gas / ethanol / digital and gas burners
  • Smoke: Non-toxic ULC-approved water based fog liquid smoke machines
  • Extinguisher: Filled-up and pressurized with Nitrogen gas

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